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10/21/2023 East Meets West Concert 
36th Annual East Meets West Concert

36th Annual East Meets West Concert

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Open Audition

This year, CAMA will hold our open audition for all instrumentalists ages 6-16 for WCYO, and age 16 and older for SCO. The majority of both WCYO and SCO musicians who are accepted at this time will remain on the orchestra throughout the school year. We are especially looking for SuoNa (嗩吶), Sheng (笙), Cello (大提琴), Bass (貝斯and all percussion (打擊樂器) players.

Auditions for the 2024 season are scheduled for all instruments on every Saturday 2pm at Saint Margaret’s church in Bellevue, Washington. Please call (206) 762-8899 or send an email to: to schedule appointments for auditions or to obtain membership with the orchestra.

Download the Audition Registration Form
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State Of Washington Governor and his Officers

Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

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Washington Chinese Arts and Culture Committee

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