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Welcome to the homepage of CAMA! Here you will find everything you want to know about our organization, samples of Chinese classical music, specifications and history on various kinds of Chinese classical music instruments, and a registration form is also available if you are interested in joining us.

Music has always been an important part of Chinese History. Seven thousand years ago, in the infancy of civilization, our ancestors had already established the art form of music.

Traditional Chinese music is rich and multifaceted. Having endured countless changes of dynasties through history, it has absorbed and accumulated many expressive styles into its expanding repertoire. Within such a complex program, the most remarkable branch is the instrumental music. Chinese instrumental performance has its unique and distinguished character, and its own independent mode of music expression. Whether performing an energetic, exuberant folk dance piece or a sentimental, melodious composition, instrumental music can express most human emotion with ease. No wonder Chinese instrumental music has become a never fading blossom in the garden of world music, and continues to receive special attention and acclamation from music lovers all over the world.

The birth and steady development of the Chinese Arts and Music Association in the United States signifies the potential merging of cultural and artistic perceptions of China and America. The ultimate goal is to promote understanding, appreciation and friendship between the two cultures, by getting more and more Western audience into contact with the soul and spirit of Chinese music and arts. We sincerely hope that more and more people will come to participate and support Chinese music and artistic activities. Let the seeds of Chinese arts and music spread over every corner of the world, take root and grow!

Warren Chang

Founder and Music Director, Chinese Arts & Music Association

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