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Founded in May 1984, the Chinese Arts and Music Association (CAMA) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to disseminate the essence of Chinese culture in the United States. It was founded by a group of artists and musicians who originated from overseas in areas such as mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as those locally born in America.


Headed by renowned musician Warren Chang, members of CAMA have constantly contributed their talents and efforts to the cause of the association. The association has been continuously involved in performances, lectures, and promotional activities throughout the United States. CAMA has been broadly recognized for its achievements and has received appreciation and encouragement from both government officials and the general public.

CAMA was founded in the mid 1980s where a surge of new talent and interest in Chinese music was emerging in the Pacific Northwest. CAMA saw the need to develop and encourage the growth of the new musicians in the area and as a result, in October 1986 CAMA formed the Seattle Chinese Orchestra.


As the Seattle Chinese Orchestra progressed, the association began to have a vision of providing a higher level of professional Chinese music performances to its audiences. In April 1989, the Warren Chang Music Ensemble (now known as the US China Music Ensemble) was formed, displaying some of the association's best performers. Sponsors who supported CAMA provided funding for the newly formed ensemble and a tour was mounted, gaining a widespread popularity for the ensemble.

In the early 1990s CAMA began to have yet another vision for the direction of its efforts. CAMA wanted to provide a venue for young people to gain a better appreciation for Chinese music in order to propagate high level performers of Chinese musical talent into the next generation. In December 1993, the Washington Chinese Youth Orchestra was formed and was recognized as the first youth music ensemble in the United States.


In a response to further educate and train the younger generation in Chinese music and dance, CAMA also created the Chinese Music and Dance Academy on July 1st, 1994. CAMA later recognized that the Chinese Music and Dance Academy would play a greater role in providing training for many more forms of Chinese culture and arts and renamed the academy the Chinese Performing Arts Institute on June 1st, 1996.

The staff realizes that they have a great mission to carry out and work tirelessly to continually improve and equip people to enhance every aspect of the organization.

The Chinese Arts and Music Association joyfully welcomes your participation in any of our affiliated groups so that you can share in our common passion.

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