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The gu-zheng is one of the most popular and beloved traditional musical instruments of China. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the instrument had 13 strings. Two new varieties were then developed, one with 21 strings and the other with 25. The larger number of strings increases the range of the sounds that can be made on the instrument.

Responding to the wishes of local communities and music lovers, the Northwest Chinese Gu-Zheng Orchestra was established to cultivate Chinese culture, music and art in the United States. It is the first group of its kind in the country.


The ensemble was founded by Buyun Zhao, a noted performer of the gu-zheng, yang chin and pipa, who has been teaching these instruments in the Seattle area for almost 20 years. Buyun Zhao and the members of the group will continue to encourage the development of traditional Chinese music in the United States, specializing in the artistry of the gu-zheng.

The orchestra made its debut performance in CAMA's 21st Annual Concert of Chinese Music in Seattle on June 18th, 2006.



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